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Meducult stocks

I cound’t resist. I bought some, 5000 actualy, and it looks like im going to earn some money because the stock vent up +0,30 today 🙂

To buy or not to buy

It’s a good deal to buy shares from this company? They are registered on the Norwegian stock exchange as tikker MEC (my initials) ???“MediCult is a leading producer of innovative cell culture media for fertility treatment based on the patented technology SSR®. Sales through subsidiaries, distributors and from headquarters in Denmark” Maybe I […]

Emma: my rottweiler

Just found some old pictures of my now 65 pound Emma. I had forgotten how small see was when we got her nearly 2 years ago now. She’s a princesses…


VMware ESX 3i

WOW. My new VMware ESX 3i BETA is up and running on my test system. At VMworld 2007 in San Francisco I’ve got a USB stick with the latest BETA of the VMware ESX 3i. Just boot your server on the USB at your running! The Service-Console is now gone, only a simple interface to […]


Ja ‘e-Blog’ det var navnet jeg lige kunne finde på. Lidt ala e-Huset som jeg også godt kan lide. Hvad kan man forvente at læse her? ANER der ikke. det må tiden vise. Mine tanker var. HOV… Skal der ikke skrives på engelsk??? Det må jeg lige tænke over. På privat siden har jeg […]

San Francisco

Wow. This city just knocks your pants off. It’s so cool